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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At least with Joe Lewis. The good thing is that it is often the case with him. This website is designed around his art, as a simple showcase of his capabilities.

Joe started out in his senior year in High School. Prior to that his most in-depth drawings were sketches in the margins of his math homework, or in the free space of his spelling quizzes. But, in his senior year, his last semester of High School, he took an art class. It was an interesting art class. It wasn't even at the start of the course that his skills apexed. No, it happened when Joe was given a semester art project, part way through the second term. He had decided to draw a portrait - in pencil, in dots.

The course instructor (who, incidently, retired that year) stated that he needed to find another project. First, he couldn't draw. Second, he couldn't draw well. Third, stipple (dots) and pencil did not work well together. Anyone that knows Joe well enough may know the reaction, and the resulting end of the story, without him ever telling it. He's a stubborn fool that enjoys proving people wrong. The rest is history.

The resulting project stunned not only the instructor, but the entire art department, students and faculty alike. Out of a possible 600 points, the project received 675 (Joe couldn't figure that math out). It hung in a display case for the remainder of the year, even while other student masterpieces were replaced. His just hung there. But the drawings continued. And Joe found in himself a talent. He was an artist.

Additional talents have been discovered since then. Photography has also become a hobby. He's done some good work with both the pen and the pentax. Enjoy some of his work! It's not much, but he hopes it will bring a smile to your face.